Movie Industry

Movie Industry — a game where complex process of movie making distilled, broken down into a few simple steps and put in your pocket!

Build your own blockbuster factory!

Be the boss

Strive your way from a small start up studio to an transcontinental movie conglomerate.

Your decisions matter

Pick actors, directors, screenwriters and cameramen, based on their genre experience. Frame perfectly balanced blockbusters augmented with right combinations of cast, genre, setting and special effects with an icing of masterfully executed marketing campaigns.

Act like a shark!

Movie business is no joke. Your assets must be protected and the foes — punished. Steal script ideas and fulfill revenge urges with your legal department and pack of faithful lawyers.

Build your own sets!

Collect 40+ unique movie sets in 6 different settings (available at launch), ranging from Dracula’s castle, Trenches of Vietnam to New York lofts and Fantasy Forest.